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The goal of providing quality education to all children in Africa has not yet been achieved, but technology offers the opportunity to do so. is an end to end digital school management software system and an e learning platform developed to bring simplicity and modernization in the education carrier. 

Basically has all the stress free features and functionality that a modern school must have.We see technology in teaching and learning as the only solution for achieving exceptional results in our schools

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Online fee payments

Fee payments in a slash of second includes features that allow parents to pay fees directly to your bank account by using their mobile phones. This means that parents can pay school fees wherever they are and at any time with an automatic invoice generated. 

Online live classes

Learning should never stop at any cost

We are intergrated with world class video conferencing platforms around the world to allow remote study for students to interact with fellow and for parents to make role to their childs education.

Access to learning materials

Let students study from home

Easily deliver interactive learning environment outside the classroom with allow students to download documents in all formats(PDF,PPT,Word),track course progress and eventually watch the pre recorded lectures offline.


Online exam doing

Assign,submit and receive results

Effortlessly conduct and reset the online examination. Enter and update the marks, customized report card and instantly share it with parents and students.

Students can now receive results easily and in a short time

Track of all academic duties

Stressfree  academic operations

With our platform , all the academic duties are simplified in the way that its harssle free and tiresome, allowing teachers to do things that they are more competent with.

Automatic result generation

Get hard job done just within a click

  • Easy, quick assessment and publishing of exam reports
  • Instantly send exam result alerts & notifications to parents

Customers attribute trust

We work with multiple third part integrated world-class partners around the world who believe in the outstanding innovation of

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We have been with shuleyetu since 2020. It's a wonderful experience. They helped us setting up and getting us to the place we have been waiting for for a decade now.
Eden valley
Primary and secondary school
Seeing results being prepared in just one week is an awesome experience, we need this technology now than ever.. this experience on ICT use is awesome.
Assistant Director

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