Who We Are

ShuleYetu.com is the integrated end to end digital school manager, developed to bring simplicity and modernization in the education carrier.

We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

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The History behind our School Manager

Our School management system is used by schools to manage information regarding students. Parents,teachers, administrators, office staff, and other school personnel use this platform to communicate and perform tasks

"We think technology and innovation”


It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of our company.

Shuleyetu.com for administrators

Monitor all activities that occur in your institution. From student and staff management to inventory and financial transactions oversight. Instantly generate any report you need.
  • High-level data security.
  • Centralised data storage.
  • Simplified admission process.
  • Streamlined daily operations.
  • User friendly interface require minimal IT skills.
  • manage institution from anywhere in the world

Shuleyetu.com for teachers

Eliminate stress from teaching with our comprehensive but simple modules. Easily manage everything from class schedule, students attendance, assessments, and grading. Teaching has never been this stress-free!
  • Easy communication with students and parents.
  • Data-driven reports on student’s progress.
  • A unified place to maintain the student’s grades.
  • Easily manage a student’s records.

Shuleyetu.com for parents

Get involved in your child’s education, stay updated on their progress, and effortlessly pay their fees.
  • Monitor & track the progress of students.
  • Hassle-free fee payment.
  • Better communication with teachers.
  • Greater engagement in creative programmes
  • Be involve in your  child learning process

Shuleyetu.com for students

Access to all features at your fingertips. View timetable, marks the attendance, exam result, upcoming events, track on pending fees, also interact with classmates and teachers from anywhere at any time
  • Effective communication with teachers.
  • Instant notification on important events.
  • Manage / Evaluate their performance and progress.
  • Access to attendance, timetable, examination schedule and much more

The Right People In The Right Jobs

No task is too big or too small, here is where our dreams started

William Eliya
CEO & Founder

Mr William,has an extensive experience delivering strong and sustainable revenue growth for financial, business services and consumer product management. Identifying and capitalizing on new channel opportunities in his expertise. He offers diverse, multi-functional experience in the areas of solution sales, co-branding, channel partnerships and strategic alliances.

Mr William is trained in Sustainable Business Models, social entrepreneurship by the Truemaisha training company, Leading Change leadership by Mara conference, and he is also an alumnus of the Dodoma University (UDOM).Thus making innovation truly remarkable in Tanzania.

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We believe in working on things that have a long lasting effect, things that help our clients propel forward within their market. Through this, we take pride creating change within the each and every community we encounter

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