A Little Story About us

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”

Who We Are

We see ourselves as technical partners to schools, providing them with technology solutions that help them grow quickly and profitably, while improving student outcomes. We maintain close working relationship with partner schools to ensure technology adoption is effective and painless.

We transform everything of how education system is behaving now and then, we best support our customers to allign with the digital future on education trends and the use of technology


“Elevate  students success and to promote institutional effectiveness”


“Build a collaborative software for all learners to secure learning in the digital era”

chief executive officer message

We exist to make technology solutions that facilitate and change the way education is perceived.

I knew such opportunities had to be shared to meet the learning challenges of many, to some it may be access to education, to others it could be assurance of quality of educational materials and to some enough time to be involved in the process. and thus technology has bridged this gaps.

We need technology in every teacher, student, and parents hand since its the pen and paper of our times

Learn anytime, anywhere, from any device

Meet Our Advisory Team

Prof, Makundi Hamadi

Prof. makundi , is a extra ordinally leader with multiple skills on marketing and public relations, he plays a virtual role to make our company move fast with due consideration on brand awareness and community develoment

Juma Ally

Managing Director- Tidemark Tanzania, he is an extra ordinary person with profound experience in operations in different government terms on tax governance and policy generation.